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Measure C - Services Protection Measure




To maintain such general city services as 911 response, fire,

paramedic, police, street repairs, parks, senior services;

address homelessness; shall the measure amending

City of Riverside’s Charter to continue collecting in electric rates

and maintain the voter-approved fund transfer (established 1968),

limited to 11.5% of gross revenue, providing approximately

$40,000,000 annually to City of Riverside’s General Fund

not increasing tax or utility rates, until ended by voters, requiring

audits/all funds controlled locally, be adopted?

City Council - July 20, 2021 Ballot Measure


(Voter approval for tax levies)


being on a special election date vs a general election date

PE Article 9.15.21 - Riverside electricity tax election on November 2 could be derailed by lawsuit (The RAIT petitioners refiled with the Riverside County California Superior Court on 9.09.21 - Hearing date was set for Friday September 24, 2021)


PE Article - 2.16.21

PE Article - 11.12.20

October 09, 2020


Measure A 2013



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