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Downtown Parking Sustainability Plan


Downtown parking: rates, space, and sustainability of the parking ecosystem is a major topic of discussion with business owners, employee groups, residents who visit our Riverside Downtown.

We are committed to assisting in a focus conversation with all interested parties in this discussion

Information pertinent to this issue will be posted here to contribute to a fact based discussion

Please contact us for corrections, additional information, we can add here for this discussion



How can we balance this fund?

What are the expenses charged

to this fund?




September 19,2022 | 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Inclusiveness, Community Engagement, and Governmental Processes Committee

Wednesday September 07 | 3:30pm


City Council Tuesday September 06, 2022

City Council Tuesday 7.19.22

City Council Tuesday 2.15.22

Staff report item on garage security....

4. Garage Safety:

In response to input from the Riverside Downtown Partnership, the Public Works Department would pilot a safety program to fund two police officers for parking garage patrol on weekends for a year.

The program would allocate $116,000 to the Police Department to improve safety, minimize incidents, and encourage increased patronage to Downtown businesses and restaurants.

City Council Tuesday 11.03.20


Transportation Board 10.16.21

Land Use, Sustainability, and Resilience Committee 9.13.21

Finance Committe Report 3.15.22

(Public Parking Fund in deficit)

Economic Development, Placemaking, Branding/ Marketing Committee

(potential loss of 250 parking spaces)


Mobility & Infrastructure Council Committee


Land Use, Sustainability, & Resilience Committee


Public Works Department (parking services)

Gilbert Hernandez - Director

phone: 951.826.5575

Nathan Mustafa - Deputy Director

phone: 951.826.2251

Erik S. Lue

Parking Services Manager

phone: 951.826.5677


Community Stakeholders





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