What is our "Triple Bottom Line"

Local governments are increasingly paying attention to other elements of community development work in order to build healthy communities, realizing that they cannot foster a strong economy in isolation from social and environmental factors.

One approach to development that addresses these issues is the “triple bottom line”,

a method that integrates three dimensions of performance:

social, environmental, and financial. Under the triple bottom line approach, growth and development should consider not only economic factors, but also social and environmental impacts of any initiative

Riverside City Manager proposes establishing an

Office of Sustainability Tuesday March 10th - Item #3

International WELL Building Institute - IWBI , LEED

Living Future Institute, Biophilic Cities Project

Kansas City Missouri - Office of Environmental Quality

ODE to the Triple Bottom Line February 2019

Book - "The Multicapital Scorecard" 2017

Triple Bottom Line in local government - UNC December 2015

Ben & Jerry's Pilots the "Multicapital Scorecard" 2014

Triple Bottom Line Accounting: A Conceptual Expose 2013

Australian Capital Territory, Canberra, July 2012

The Triple Bottom Line: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Certified Triple Bottom Line

Center for Sustainable Organizations

Context-based sustainability (CBS)

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