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The Riverside Neighborhood Partnership (RNP) is a community group whose mission is to connect & unite community members with neighborhood groups with resources and facilitate community engagement.

It is the Partnership's belief that by being informed and organized, neighbors are empowered to make positive change where they live, work, and play.  Simple as A.B.C.D.


In addition, neighborhood organizations provide the infrastructure for residents to proactively address issues such as crime, disaster preparedness, beautification, information dissemination, and social outreach. Quality of life is improved when neighbors know one another and are empowered as a group to approach City Hall for assistance in achieving short and long-term goals. Everyone benefits -- the neighborhood schools, parks, businesses, public/private institutions, and residents alike.

The RNP board consists of community volunteers, City Staff and one City Council Ward representative. 

(17) members are neighborhood residents: (2) from each City Ward

and (3) at-large members. Neighborhood representatives are

encouraged to be active in a neighborhood association, neighborhood watch, or a local community organization.


In addition to neighborhood representatives there are (2) members from the business community, (2) non-profit organizations, and (2) education.

One Ward representative acts as our advocate to the City Council.


We are fortunate and very appreciative to be supported by and to work in collaboration with City staff from the Community & Economic Development Department:  the Neighborhood Engagement Division (N.E.D.)

Meetings are open to the public the 1st Monday of the month from 6:30 p.m.  - 8:00 p.m. 


City Hall  - 7th Floor 6:30PM -  8:00PM

You may also contact the Neighborhood Engagement Division

(951) 826-5168 or

email the RNP Board:

RNP 101 2014 "WHAT IS THE RNP"




RNP BY-LAWS  (proposed revision -1.09.2020)

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