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RCTC Metrolink Expansion Project

This project proposes building an additional passenger loading platform and tracks to improve Metrolink service, extending the existing pedestrian bridge for added elevator and stair access and adding an additional 500 parking spaces.

Environmental studies and final design are under way and are expected to be completed by *2023.

(* one year delay)





PE ARTICLE - Expansion of Riverside Metrolink station could be abandoned 3.04.23

Cultural Heritage Board - Discussion of the FMC Plant #1 3.15.23

EIR UPDATE 2.23.23: “Through the course of the environmental review process and technical evaluation of the project, the project team has discovered significant challenges to constructing the project, and new information regarding the cost of right of way have led to escalating estimates for the ultimate project cost. The total project cost (…) is now estimated to be in the range of $140 to $156 million. During the initial scoping phase for the project the estimated total project cost was $26 million. (…)

Therefore, staff recommends the Commission suspend all environmental and engineering related tasks on the project until such time that the project is financially reasonable and feasible.”

ABC CHANNEL 7 - Riverside Metrolink station expansion project running into controversy 11.22.22 VIDEO

PE ARTICLE - School board opposes train station expansion 7.28.22

RUSD Resolution opposing the RCTC Metrolink project 7.14.22

PE ARTICLE - Will Riverside train station project spell the end for historic building? 12.29.21

RUSD Neighborhood School Study: Casa Blanca and Eastside 11.27.17

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