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RTRP riverside transmission reliability project

Southern California Edison (SCE) and the City of Riverside's Municipal Utility Department (known as Riverside Public Utilities [RPU]) jointly planned the RTRP. The project would be owned and operated by both RPU and SCE.


October 24 Item 34 City Council - Draft a resolution supporting efforts by the City of Norco

and their Petition for Modification submitted to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)

for full undergrounding of the RTRP VIDEO

January 17 Item 17 City Council - Proposal to form a working group to secure funding to underground the Riverside portion of the RTRP by Councilmembers Hemenway and Conder VIDEO

December 06 City Council public comments on undergrounding the 5 mile section of the RTRP project

December 06 City Council comments on future agenda item to undergrounding the 5 mile section of the RTRP project



City Council - Tuesday November 15 Item#20

Council voted 4 - 3 against the recommendation to further study undergrounding 5 miles of the RTRP Project and to move forward with the project as currently approved

Option to support the undergrounding proposal recommendations:

Against: Edwards - Conder - Plascencia - Perry

Support: Cervantes - Fierro - Hemenway

Option to support the project as approved to move forward:

Support: Edwards - Conder - Plascencia - Perry

Against: Cervantes - Fierro - Hemenway

Representative Ken Calvert Reintroduces Bill to Establish


Here is a LINK to the project timeline

2018 Riverside Integrated Resource Plan (designing demand-side programs and services for RPU customers and integrating demand-side resources into our power supply portfolio) SUMMARY

Riverside County Regional Park & Open Space District


Congressman Mark Takano letter 3.6.19 in support of undergrounding the transmission lines through the Hidden Valley Nature Preserve



The City of Jurupa Valley is leading the opposition to the current route and scope of this project.




Are grid-scale lithium-ion facilities part of our future for energy sustainability ?


3.5 miles of underground transmission line COST: $224M

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