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IT IS OFFICIAL - We have a Citywide Community Engagement Policy

City Council - October 17, 2023 Item#28 VIDEO

City Council - Tuesday May 16

Item#35 - Workshop - Community Engagement Policy & Toolkit (expected to come back to Council in September 2023)

Inclusiveness, Community Engagement

Governmental Processes Committee

Wednesday December 07 - 3:30pm

Item#04 - Citywide Community

Engagement Policy and Toolkit update



Community Engagement during the COVID 19 Pandemic and Beyond September 2020 - Urban Institute

150 Ways to build Social Capital


Neighborhood Engagement Workshop Series (N.E.W.S.)

Community Engagement 101 Wednesday June 9, 2021

Community Engagement 101 Wednesday April 10. 2021

Community Engagement 101 Wednesday March 31. 2021

Community Engagement 101 Wednesday March 17. 2021

Community Engagement 101 Wednesday March 3. 2021

Community Engagement 101 Saturday February 20. 2021


ICGC - Wednesday November 2, 2022

Community Engagement Policy & Toolkit Update

February 19, 2021 City Council Meeting

CSIUCR (center for social innovation)

Community Engagement Toolkit. 2.19.21

N.E.D. Update on Community Engagement Policy Timeline 12.30.2020

Inclusiveness, Community Engagement, and Governmental Processes Committee

August 5,2020 Item#2 Community Engagement Policy

Riverside City Manager proposes establishing an

Office of Sustainability Tuesday March 10th - Item #3



Tamarack Institute - Three Approaches that work well together to build community November 2019


"Culture of Engagement"

What is a "HOTWASH" ? July 2019 article

Citywide Community Engagement Concept

is on the Government Affairs Committee Agenda for

Wednesday November 6 CANCELLED



Community stakeholders have identified a need for the City of Riverside to develop / enhance / clarify the procedure for Community outreach and engagement on projects and policies that impact City residents.

The proposed concept outlined is consistent with our Seizing our Destiny - Unified City pillar, and the Riverside 2.0 Strategic Plan.

This concept advocates for an open, transparent outreach process, focused on providing the highest level of customer service to all residents. The proposed policy outline is aligned with the Core Values for Public Participation developed by the International Association for Public Participation.

2016 La Sierra University -TEDx - Work for a City, Change the World

ICMA - Best Practices for Proactive Governance July 2019

ICMA - How Civic Engagement Transforms Community Relationship March 2011

Stanford Social Innovation Review Spring 2016

Strong Towns - Guide to Better Public Engagement

Institute for Local Governement - TIERS Public Engagement

IGL - Public engagement & why should I do it overview



Community Engagement Policy Neighborhood Cohort 2021

Boston MAPC Community Engagement Guide

Brisbane Community Engagement Policy website

Edmonton Public Engagement Policy

Kalamazoo Community Engagement Toolkit

Kalamazoo Public Participation Plan

Longmont Community Involvement Manual

San Luis Obispo Public Engagement and Noticing Manual


STRONG TOWNS- Local Leaders Tool Kit

Strong Towns - Most Community Engagement is worthless July 2018

Strong Towns - Most Public Engagement Is Worse Than Worthless July 2018


All Amercian Converstations Toolkit 2017

AARP Engaging the Community Guide

City of Morgan Hill - Communications & Engagement

Center for Servant Leadership

City of San Luis Obipso - Public Engagement & Noticing Manual 2015

City of Palos Verdes Estates - Public Engagement Toolkit NOV 2018

California Sunshine Ordinances: Riverside

Tamarack Institute

National Civics League - 2019 Civic Index

DePaul University | ABCD Institute

ABCD in Action - John L McKnight Blog

International Association for Public Participation

Pepperdine School of Public Policy - Public Engagement

Town of Truckee CA Outreach Policy

Alliance for Innovation - Citizen Engagement

City of Portland - Neighborhood Involvement

City of Portland - Community Involvement Plan

Focused Conversation - The O.R.I.D. Method

Alemeda Public Participation Policy April 2012


OSI SOFT - PI System

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