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Homelessness - Housing First


The City of Riverside in October 2016 conducted a day long review of our approach to address the growing issues and impacts of homelessness in the City.

One of the outcomes of this presentation was the recommendation from City Staff that Riverside should examine our approach in dealing with this issue from a policing, code enforcement and temporary shelters to one that provides permanent supportive housing. This could lead to permanent supportive neighborhood housing development projects in all seven Wards.

RNP will be following this issue when it is brought back to Council in January of 2017.

Neighbors.... would you support a permanent supportive housing project in your neighborhood ?







Planning Commission 2.06.20 VIDEO

City Council 2.04.20

City Council 1.14.20

City Council 12.17.19

City Council 10.22.19

City Council 5.07.19

City Council 4.09.19

City Council 3.05.19

City Council 9.25.18

City Council 8.14.18

City Council 6.19.18

City Council 4.24.18

Riverside Cedar Glen Partners - 9830 County Road

City Council 3.13.18

City Council 11.07.17

Agenda Item #31 Regional approach to Homelessness

City Council 6.27.17

City Council 6.20.17

City Council 1.17.17

Agenda Item #23 Homelessness UPDATE

City Council 1.10.17

Renewal of Grant Applications for Continuum of Care programs




  • 1.56 Current County Services

  • 5.56 Benjamin Henwood, MSW professor at USC regarding research on the Housing First Model

  • 6.06 Larry Haynes, Mercy House discussing implementation of Housing First project



It is located on the former site of CAMP ANZA, a former WWII Army training camp.

Home Front at Camp Anza is a services-enriched community tailored to the needs of veterans and their families, with comprehensive support provided both on site and off site under the coordination of Wakeland and Mercy House Living Centers.





New Construction of a 108-unit senior affordable housing community

Tenant profile Low-income senior citizens either 55 or older or 62 and older; half of the units are projected to be set aside for seniors who are homeless and living with mental illness

Unit Mix 92 one-bedroom units and 16 two-bedroom units

Services: Case Manager and Social Service Coordinator will provide supportive services to the residents.




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