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Laura's Law - Riverside County

CA Department of Health Care Services

AB 1976, Eggman. Mental health services:

assisted outpatient treatment.

The Assisted Outpatient Treatment Demonstration Project Act of 2002, known as Laura’s Law, until January 1, 2022, authorizes each county to elect to offer specified mental health programs either through a resolution adopted by the county board of supervisors or through the county budget process, if the county board of supervisors makes a finding that specified mental health programs will not be reduced as a result of participating. Existing law authorizes participating counties to pay for the services provided from moneys distributed to the counties from various continuously appropriated funds, including the Mental Health Services Fund, when included in a county plan, as specified.

This bill, commencing July 1, 2021, would instead require a county or group of counties to offer those mental health programs, unless a county or group of counties opts out by a resolution passed by the governing body stating the reasons for opting out and any facts or circumstances relied on in making that decision.

The bill would also authorize a county to instead offer those mental health programs in combination with one or more counties, subject to specified implementation provisions. The bill would prohibit a county or group of counties implementing these provisions from reducing existing voluntary mental health programs serving adults, or children’s mental health programs, as a result of the implementation.

The bill would also repeal the expiration of Laura’s Law, thereby extending it indefinitely.

Existing law authorizes various persons to request the county mental health director to file a petition in the superior court for an order for assisted outpatient treatment for a person who meets specified criteria.

This bill, commencing July 1, 2021, would additionally authorize a judge in a superior court to request a petition for that order to be filed for a person who appears before the judge. The bill would make additional conforming changes.






The Criminal Justice Committee is a standing committee of the Riverside County Behavioral Health Commission. The mission of this committee is to facilitate recovery of people who have a serious mental illness, in the Criminal Justice System, by enhancing programs in our community through collaborative efforts with involved County agencies, the community, the family and other support systems.

There is currently a working group comprised of members of the Executive Office, County Counsel, District Attorney's Office, Office of the Public Defender, and Behavioral Health working on a recommendation on how to proceed for the Board of Supervisors to review, comment on, and approve by July 1st


May 05.2021 E-Newsletter


At the April 13th BOS meeting ITEM 3.32(VIDEO@1:21:46), the Board of Supervisors approved a plan by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department and Riverside University Health System to expand behavioral health teams that can be deployed to assist in defusing situations involving mentally ill residents, or others who may need help finding treatment opportunities.

(The Agreement shall not exceed $6,910,100)

The Community Behavioral Health Assessment Teams concept materialized last summer, following a board resolution expressing a desire for the sheriff and heads of municipal police agencies countywide to embrace the use of behavioral health specialists in resolving some emergencies.

We did not add new law enforcement personnel, but rather behavioral health specialists to help in resolving some emergencies and providing services.

CBHATs have been established at the sheriff's Moreno Valley and Murrieta stations, as well as the Hemet Police Department, the Indio Police Department, the Murrieta Police Department and the


Sacramento Bee 5.19.21



SLO Officer killed SLO Tribune June 12, 2021


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