City Charter Review

February 3, 2020















The City of Riverside conducts a review of our City Charter every 8 years. This is outlined in the City Charter Sec. 1403. Charter Review Committee.


In February 2019, and in February every eight years thereafter, the City Council shall appoint and appropriate adequate funds for a Charter Review Committee.


The Charter Review Committee shall have the power and duty to:


(a) Recommend to the City Council which, if any, Charter amendments should be placed on the ballot at the next regular municipal election for Mayor.


(b) Hold public meetings to receive input on proposed Charter amendments.


(c) Present a final report with its recommendations to the City Council by the last Tuesday in May preceding the next regular municipal election for Mayor.


It may, in its discretion, make interim reports to the City Council. The City Council shall act upon the recommendations of the Charter Review Committee prior to the last day to place measures on the ballot for the next regular municipal election for Mayor.


The City Council may appoint Charter Review Committees more often if it desires. (Effective 10/23/2012 and 12/27/1995)



CA League of Cities - Charter City Tool Kit



CRC MEETINGS  -  2nd Monday of the month starting at 5:00 pm



Monday February 10     -    MEETING AGENDA

Monday January 13       -   MEETING AGENDA

Monday December 9      -   MEETING AGENDA

Monday November 18    -   MEETING AGENDA

Monday October 21        -   MEETING AGENDA

Monday September 9     -   MEETING AGENDA

Monday August 12         -   MEETING AGENDA

Monday July    8             -   MEETING AGENDA

Monday June 10             -   MEETING AGENDA

Monday May 13              -   MEETING AGENDA

Monday April 8               -   MEETING AGENDA

Monday March 11           -   MEETING AGENDA

Monday February 11       -  MEETING AGENDA

Wednesday January 16   -  MEETING AGENDA

League of Women Voters Riverside - Charter Change Recommendation

“Article IV sec. 404 – Vacancies”  


City of Chicago  - Inspector General

City of Atlanta  -  Investigating adding an Inspector General 

January 2020

City of Boston - Calls from City Council to create an Inspector General Position  September 2019


San Diego  - City Auditor

Sacramento - City Auditor

Oakland  -  City Auditor

San Jose  -  City Auditor







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