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Boards, Commissions Role & Function

Inclusiveness, Community Engagement, and Governmental Processes Committee:

Through discussion at the July 6, 2022, ICGC meeting, it was recommended an extensive review of Boards and Commissions be completed to provide insight into the possible consolidation and alignment to the Envision Riverside 2025 Strategic Plan.

To allow for a thorough review, staff recommends removing the list and reporting structure of Boards and Commissions identified in Resolution No. 23618 (pages 36-37) and addressing the purview and reporting structure of Boards and Commissions through the development and adoption of a separate resolution.

A benefit in addressing the role and number of Boards and Commissions through a separate resolution would allow ICGC to ensure the review of Resolution No. 23618 remains focused on City Council Rules of Procedure and Order of Business.

Additionally, through a separate resolution, the Committee would be offered the flexibility of periodically reviewing Board and Commission composition, focus, and reporting structure


Inclusiveness, Community Engagement, Governmental Processes

Review Schedule for proposed changes to City Council Rules of Procedures and Order of Business

Training on Rules of Procedure and Order of Business for all proceedings of the City Council


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