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What is our "Triple Bottom Line"

Local governments are increasingly paying attention to other elements of community development work in order to build healthy communities, realizing that they cannot foster a strong economy in isolation from social and environmental factors.

One approach to development that addresses these issues is the “triple bottom line”, a method that integrates three dimensions

of performance: social, environmental, and financial.

Under the triple bottom line approach, growth and development should consider not only economic factors, but also social and environmental impacts of any initiative


Riverside Accelerating Clean Energy by 2040 (RACE/2040)

City Council Agenda

JANUARY 2023 - Item#TBD


Land Use, Sustainability, and Resilience Committee

Monday November 14, 2022 - Item#2 VIDEO

RPU - Board of Public Utilities

Monday October 24, 2022 - Item# 9

regarding NREL Agreement 9.29.22

RPU - Board of Public Utilities

Monday February 28, 2022 - Item# 7

RPU - Electric Committee

Wednesday January 12, 2022 - Item# 4

Utility Bill Public Benefits Charge

State-mandated monthly surcharge of 2.85% of the total electric charge. Funds collected are used for low-income customer assistance, energy efficiency and conservation programs, renewable resources and energy research and development.

Due to COVID, RPU has a surplus of over $25M in this fund

  1. Social Responsibility – high quality, safe and inclusive communities with equal access to services, amenities and resources

  2. Economic Prosperity – a healthy and resilient economy that reflects community values and supports local businesses, workforce development, and local investment

  3. Environmental Stewardship – considers the stewardship of water, land and agricultural resources; intelligent development, infrastructure investments and transportation options; and reduces greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint



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