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Riverside's Financial Health

One of the largest challenges we will have as a City is to maintain our fiscal health. Our elected representatives and City Staff are creating the plans to address how they will be allocating resources and investments for City services and the maintenance of City assets.

We, neighbors, residents, businesses, need to understand how these plans will impact our neighborhoods today and for the future.

We need to be informed and educated on these plans and how the monies are being allocated for services from conception, implementation, and with ongoing updates on the progress of the plans to meet our outcome measurements.

We need these plans to be communicated in language that the average citizen can easily access, understand, support or question.

Riverside adopted the OpenBook platform as their data transparency tool.

Neighbors, take some time to review and comment on this transparency tool with your elected representative ... Be informed and educated on how your tax dollars and fees are being invested by our Riverside City government


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