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Riverside Housing Policy



How to do the Math on Proposed Development in your Town



Planning Commission Meeting

November 2 at 9am

Planning Commission Meeting

October 19th at 9am


SB 2, a $75 fee on mortgage refinances and other real estate transactions except for home and commercial property sales, is expected to raise $250 million a year to help finance low-income developments.

SB 3 will put a $4-billion bond on the November 2018 ballot, with $3 billion to subsidize the construction of low-income housing and the remaining $1 billion for home loans for veterans.

SB 35 will ease local regulations for home building in an effort to spur construction, adding to overall supply.

SB 166 strengthens the No Net Loss zoning law by requiring local governments to immediately identify a replacement site if a project that differs from the housing category originally designated is approved. Additionally SB 166 requires that the replacement site must meet the specific housing affordability level that was lost

SB 167 increases the burden of proof that a local agency has to meet to deny a project, awards damages to plaintiffs if a local government is found to be acting in “bad faith,” and allows courts to leverage fines on cities that are not in compliance with the Housing Accountability Act.



In order to accommodate the REQUIRED housing need for 4,767 dwelling units for affordable to lower-income households,

the City needs to identify at least 191 acres of vacant or underutilized land that is currently zoned or would be rezoned for residential or mixed-use development.

This needs to be completed by the end of 2017

This DOES NOT mean that any housing units will be built on these properties.


The City Council is voting to retroactively ratify granted discounts of certain Development Mitigation Fees for age-restricted senior housing projects since 2008 City Council Tuesday July 25 Agenda Item#39a

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