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Measure Z  Sales Tax Increase was passed by Riverside voters on Tuesday November 8, 2016  


The Council in separate actions committed to a  PLEDGE FOR RESPONSIBLE SPENDING              (City Council 10.04.16)  (PE Article 10.06.16) and to create a Budget Engagement Commission(BEC) (Mayors Nominating & Screening Cmte 9.06.16) (PE Article  11.11.16)
as an advisory group on identifying Citywide budget priorities to the Council. 

The BEC will be created and seated with 18 members:  

9 residents (one from each Ward and 2 at large) and 9 business/nonprofit representatives.

The new rate will go into effect on April 1, 2017. At that time, the combined total Riverside sales tax rate will become 8.75%.  Revenues should be received by late Summer 2017.

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