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Blue Zone Project - Age Friendly Community for Riverside

BLUE ZONE PROJECT discussion for Riverside County and the City of Riverside are in the works.... more information to follow ..... BLUE ZONE PROJECT website Loma Linda Blue Zone

Program Duration: The Blue Zones certification path takes place over a 5 year/9-month period starting in 2024 - ending in 2029.

Program Cost: The City of Riverside Blue Zone program cost is $20,830,000 with IEHP recently authorizing a matching grant equivalent to 50% of the total program costs or up to $10,415,000.

Should the City of Riverside sponsor 1% or $208,300, then the amount remaining to sponsor/fundraise is $10,206,700.

City Council Meeting 12.12.23

Item#13 - Blue Zone Overview-Update​​

Economic Development, Placemaking, and Branding/ Marketing Committee

Thursday 11.30.23 | 3:00pm

Item#02 Blue Zones Program overview and update

City Council - 6.21.22 Item#07

City's eligibility to participate in Blue Zone Program


California’s population is aging along with the baby boom: by 2030, about one in five residents in Riverside County will 65 years of age or older.

The City of Riverside has 66,615 people (21.9%) aged 45 to 64, and 26,242 people (8.6%) who are 65 years of age or older.



emphasizes equity and inclusion in economic growth planning, however age is rarely part of that paradigm, study authors note.

“Including older people not only adds to economic strength but also provides benefits not targeted through other inclusivity steps (such as mentorship and training of younger workers) and has broad consumer impacts.”



Commission on Aging Meeting February 10, 2021 Item #9

Letter from Mayor Bailey to AARP February 1, 2020


California Master Plan on Aging - TOGETHER WE ENGAGE


Riverside County Area Aging Plan

City of Riverside Commission on Aging

PRCS Senior Activity Guide

AARP - Network of Age Friendly States and Communities


AARP Road Map to an Age-Friendly Livable Community

publications DOWNLOADED PDFS


Milken Institute - Age-Forward Cities for 2030

World Health Organization - Global Network for Age Friendly Cities and Communities

SCAN Foundation - We Stand with Seniors


Purposeful Aging Los Angeles (PALA)

Age Well San Diego Action Plan

Chula Vista - Creating an Age Friendly Community

Marin County Earns "Age Friendly" Designation

Santa Clara - Becoming an Age Friendly Community

Age Friendly Berkley


Reimagining Communities for All Ages |

Laura Poskin | TEDxPointParkUniversity

How can Cities handle the oldest population in history ?

Forbes Magazine October 2019

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